Each yacht shall carry a satellite voice and text communication system operable via external antenna from below decks. The system shall be left on during the race and a communications watch shall be kept. During the Race the Offshore Communications Team will operate a communication center manned 24 x 7 for the purpose of outbound communication (a message for you) and the logging and assisting with any non-emergency issues such as: diversion to assist another vessel; a decision to withdraw from the race; a health issue on board (after contacting George Washington Medical Service); request for assistance on arrival in Bermuda, etc.

Emergency calls should be placed to the appropriate Coast Guard, Medical Service or Bermuda Radio. The Offshore Communications Team cannot provide or arrange for immediate assistance.

During the on-site registration period the Skipper or Navigator shall verify that the satellite communication system operates properly by having someone from the yacht’s crew place a satellite call from the yacht to the Offshore Communication Team.  The Communication Team will be available during the same hours as the on-site registration process but will be located remotely. The number to call will be provided to the participating yachts prior to registration. The verification call is a requirement to properly complete the registration.