The Marion Bermuda race has been blessed historically with a large number of very talented and capable board members and volunteers who work tirelessly to make the race a success. Well over 100 dedicated volunteers are drawn from the ranks of these three organizations, most of who have been involved in their respective roles for a number of years, and as a result carry out their responsibilities with efficiency and enthusiasm. The Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race Association is comprised entirely of volunteers from the three organizing clubs: Beverly Yacht Club, Blue Water Sailing Club and the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.

Executive Committee
Allan McLean Race Executive Director
Nan Johnson Administration, Marion Operations
Neil Redburn Bermuda Operations
Willie Forbes Compliance
Ray Cullum Marketing
David Risch Participation Chair
Paul Goldberg Inspections/Mentoring
George Gardner Race Operations and Scoring
Alan Minard Registration
Ed Stott Safety at Sea
Deb Gayle Treasurer
David Patton Trustee Chair
Dan Cooney BYC Commodore
Aedan Gleason BWSC Commodore
Neil Redburn RHADC Commodore
David Patton Trustee Chair
Anne Kolker Trustee
Allen Williams Trustee
Buddy Rego Trustee
Ray Cullum Trustee
Charles Dunston Trustee
Tom Farquhar Trustee
Willie Forbes Trustee
Mark Gabrielson Trustee
Alan Minard Trustee
Debra Gayle Trustee
Organizing Committee
Andrea Arnold Graphic Designer
Jared Hollis Bermuda/RHADC Dock Manager
Nancy Corkery Trophies
Les Dole Marion Dockmaster
Neil Redburn Bermuda Operations
Jennifer Redburn Bermuda/RHADC Duty Desk
John Edwards Bermuda/RHADC Trophies
Wendy Augustus Bermuda/RHADC Administration
Paul Goldberg Inspections Chair/Mentoring
Fran Grenon Photographer
Allen Walker Bermuda/RHADC Functions/General Manager
Nan Johnson Administration/Marion Logistics
Bill Knuff Race Book Editor
Gini Levenson / Christine Dole BYC Events & Hospitality
Susan Eldridge Mead Captain's Meeting
Sarah Mitchell / Caroline Bolick BYC Duty Desk
Bill Moonan Race Start/Patrol
John Cooper Finish Line Chair
Richard Robbins Webmaster
Sam Vineyard / Graham Quinn Acceptance
Davis Webb Offshore Communications
J. Walter Freiberg III Legal Council