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Maritime Medical Access (MMA) is operated by the Department of Emergency Medicine, Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) at The George Washington University Medical Center. Medical advice to remote clients is provided 24/7 by physicians who are board certified in emergency medicine with prior experience providing consultation to the maritime industry. Maritime Medical Access’ physicians are highly sensitive to the complexities of providing health care in environments with limited resources. Serving remote clients since 1989, MMA delivers worldwide telemedicine advice, clinical case management, repatriation (costs are quoted upon request for service), training and recommendations for medical equipment/medicine chests.

Services to be Provided

Medical Advice

During the race and the return trip medical advice calls to MMA may be initiated by any crewmember participating in the Marion Bermuda Yacht Race. An attending emergency physician (Attending) will be available on a twenty-four hour a day, seven-day a week basis to respond to requests for medical advice. The Attending will provide consultation, assessment, and recommendations for treatment, and whether an evacuation is deemed necessary. The Attending will also provide guidance for subsequent follow-up contacts.

Consultation/Case Management

MMA will provide initial consultation and case management for injured or ill crewmembers requiring medical care in Bermuda. Upon request of the injured crewmember, MMA will communicate with the locally treating medical provider to monitor the patient’s condition, evaluate the appropriateness of care being given, prognosis, and fit for travel determination, in addition to further case management.

Customized Medicine Chest

MMA will provide recommended prescriptions for a medicine chest for individual yachts upon request for no additional charge. The cost of medications is not included in the membership fee. Prescription services will only be available through selected pharmacies. Recommendations available at client’s request.


Medical Advice Services: Included in the Entry Fee

Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race Association subscribes to this service for each yacht officially entered in the race and the cost is part of the Entry Fee. (An official entrant is any yacht that has paid the entry fee.) This fee will cover unlimited medical advice calls while at sea for the duration of the Agreement, June 1, 2019, through July 31, 2019. This covers the race itself and the return trip if completed by July 31.

Optional Services

MMA can provide logistical and medical support to repatriate individuals, in order to return injured or ill crewmembers to the U.S. or to a location that provides a higher level of medical care including nurse and/or physician medical escorts as needed. These services are provided at additional cost which is the sole responsibility of the Captain and/or Crew.

Consultation/Case Management Services

Initial Case Management services will be included in this Agreement with no additional fee. Ongoing Case Management services are billed only when utilized at $250/hour.

Repatriation Services

MMA will bill on a case by case basis for costs associated with logistical support, medical equipment and medications required for safe transport of ill or injured mariners. These fees are in addition to the Membership Fee. Medical accompaniment services will be offered at $1700/day for physicians and $1200/day for registered nurses. All travel expenses and medical expenses are the responsibility of the crewmember.

Services are available at a crewmember’s request and must be guaranteed by credit card prior to service.

Accessing the Services

The Captain of each yacht entered in the race receives the Medical Evaluation Manual and access instructions. Inquiries for information and or additional services should be directed to:

The Marine Medical Access website

Derek Andresen

email Derek Andresen
Program Supervisor


Medical Services Manual
Medical Services Manual