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6/22/2019: The 2021 Marion Bermuda Race will start on June 18, 2021.

See A Gallant Victory By Christian E. Hoffman - MIDN USN, Varsity Offshore Sailing Team Captain

Little Selkie wins Marion Bermuda Overall

Jambi takes Marion Bermuda Line Honors

Marion Bermuda running out of wind

Smooth Sailing for Marion Bermuda Race

50 yachts start 40th Anniversary Marion Bermuda Race

Bermuda by the Stars - Marion, MA - March 19, 2017
The Marion Bermuda Race is the only US East Coast offshore race which features a Celestial Navigation Classification with Read More

So You Want To Race To Bermuda - Presentations will begin again in fall 2018 
Sailors who have done the Marion Bermuda Race (MBR) will provide information specific to the race and many of the activities surrounding the race. The presentation will covers boat qualifications, boat and crew preparations, communications and safety equipment, watch schedules, customs requirements, cost and logistics, and the preparation process. Our talk also touches on strategies for Buzzards Bay, the Gulf Stream and the approach to Bermuda.

A Book by Mark Gabrielson -


For the past 40 years, the Marion Bermuda Race has offered Corinthian sailors the opportunity to sail competitively in a serious offshore ocean race. Read all about how it began and highlights through the years.

SampleView a sample of the Forward, Contents and Introduction.