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Bermuda by the Stars - Marion, MA - March 19, 2017
The Marion Bermuda Race is the only US East Coast offshore race which features a Celestial Navigation Classification with Read More

So You Want To Race To Bermuda - Presentations will begin again in fall 2018 
Sailors who have done the Marion Bermuda Race (MBR) will provide information specific to the race and many of the activities surrounding the race. The presentation will covers boat qualifications, boat and crew preparations, communications and safety equipment, watch schedules, customs requirements, cost and logistics, and the preparation process. Our talk also touches on strategies for Buzzards Bay, the Gulf Stream and the approach to Bermuda.

A Book by Mark Gabrielson -


For the past 40 years, the Marion Bermuda Race has offered Corinthian sailors the opportunity to sail competitively in a serious offshore ocean race. Read all about how it began and highlights through the years.

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Being a sailor and a self-described racing sailor, I wondered, “Who wouldn’t want a front row seat to the America’s Cup?” The America’s Cup Event Authority had several options for the venue for the 35th AC in 2017, and they selected the beautiful island of Bermuda. So, one might ask, “Why Bermuda?”

Well, the racing will take place on the Great Sound, a terrific enclosed body of water that offers flat seas and consistent wind…perfect for foiling multihulls. Bermuda is well known for its hospitality…wonderful restaurants, beautiful hotels and extensive use of their greatest resource, the water. Plus, they have a very engaged population that do all in their power to make you feel welcome while you are on their island.

So, how do you get to have that front row seat? Well, you can fly there – it’s only an hour and a half flight. You could book a cruise ship…fun, but doesn’t lend itself to the full island experience. The best way for we sailors is to sail there, and what better way to do that than with 60 or 70 of your closest friends as part of the Marion Bermuda Race.

Full article by Ray Cullum in Windcheck magazine