Race Week Berth Form

The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club MARION TO BERMUDA OCEAN YACHT RACE 2017 BERTH RESERVATION FORM is to be used for boats that will request dock space during race week. There is a separate form for the America's Cup finals week.

Terms & Conditions

  1. RHADC will provide dining and bar facilities including daily breakfast lunch and dinner and the bar will be open all day until late.
  2. Water and electricity are supplied on the dock. Yachtsmen are required to bring their own shore power leads of 50ft. to 100 ft. plus split-tails, if possible. Power is 110v/220v. Electricity will be charged at $25 per day.
  3. The charge for berthing, including water and use of the Club's facilities, is $4.00 per foot per day.
  4. Ice and block ice will be available to purchase.
  5. A deposit of $250.00 is required at the time of reservation. Since space will be held until the race is over this deposit is only refundable if notice of cancellation is received before May 26, 2017. The deposit will be credited to the boats account for expenses at the Club.
  6. The RHADC will not be responsible for any theft from or damage of any sort to the Vessel berthed at the RHADC marina, including but not limited to any electrical malfunction or damage that may occur due to low voltage.
  7. In the event of a hurricane, emergency or any other cause, RHADC reserve the right to require that you move your vessel from the RHADC marina immediately. It is agreed that the Owner/Skipper will move the Vessel upon being notified by the Dockmaster or Officer(s) of RHADC. That in the event of an emergency, which shall be solely determined by the Dockmaster or Officer(s) of the RHADC, and in the absence of the Owner or Skipper from the Vessel then the Dockmaster or Officer(s) of the RHADC may move the Vessel from the Marina. The Owner/Skipper shall hold the RHADC, Dockmaster and Officer(s) harmless from all and any damage caused to or by the Vessel.
  8. Sewage Management: Sewage disposal is prohibited in RHADC Marina and there is no sewage discharge 500 metres from the Bermuda Coastline. The renter shall not discharge any sewage or otherwise empty any latrines into the Marina waters, or otherwise dispose of any garbage, oil, fuel or other material whatsoever in the Marina.

FAX the completed form to 441-236-8561 or
Mail it to RHADC, P. O. Box PG298, Paget PG BX, Bermuda

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Bermuda Dock Regulations



Berth Map

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Sewage Management Brochure


The following guidelines provide solutions or alternative practices to reduce the risk of pollution to our marine environment from the discharge of sewage from boats. The Department of Environment & Natural Resources is responsible for ensuring all persons, including boat owners and boat users, do not pollute or foul seawater. These guidelines apply to recreational boats, liveaboards, charter boats and all other boats that sail or motor in and around Bermuda.

Download PDF Sewage Management Brochure