Generally speaking, Yachts must be seaworthy monohulls or multihulls appropriate for an ocean race as defined in the US Safety Equipment Requirements with fixed or lifting keels, and an enclosed cabin fitted out for comfortable cruising, including permanent bunks, a permanently installed and enclosed toilet, a dining table and permanently installed cooking facilities suitable for use at sea. Canting keels are not permitted. The movement of water ballast, including by non-manual power means, is permitted by ORR, provided such features are declared for measurement. Yachts must enter the Race by using the online system accessible on the Marion Bermuda Race website

All race-related correspondence, including requirements for written notice, or questions about the eligibility of your yacht, may be conducted by email addressed to the Race Administrator (see Contact). When the entry fee is received, the yacht will be considered for acceptance by the Acceptance Committee. Once an entry has been accepted, the entry fee is non-refundable. In the event the entry is not accepted, the entry fee will be returned promptly. See Notice of Race for details.

  1. Read and understand the Notice of Race
  2. Read and understand the Safety Requirements - Monohulls or Safety Requirements - Multihulls
  3. Read and understand the Sailing Instructions
  4. Register on the website as a user at Login page. Note that if you raced as skipper or crew in the last couple of races you may already have an account. To check for an existing account go to the Login page and select Forgot Password and use your email as username. The website will send you directions to reset your password if you have an account for the email entered. Be sure to change your username to something of your liking.
  5. Select the menu item for Skipper Registration from the Entry page sidebar menu

The registration process must be initiated by a skipper, co-skipper, administrator (not on board) or a coach (on board). As a logged-in user select the menu item for Skipper Registration from the Entry page sidebar menu. For a registered user who has not started an enty the page will show as below with a "Proceed" button to Initiate Race Registration. You must be a skipper, co-skipper, administrator or coach with a yacht knowing the yacht name and sail number.


Pages that follow an initiated registration are:

  1. Personal (name, address, contact information, emergency contact, waivers, birthdate and offshore experience)
  2. Yacht (make/model, rating, sail plan, life raft, EPIRB, radio and satellite phone)
  3. Team (name and emails of others in crew)
  4. Awards (special categories of awards)
  5. Payment (registration, crew fee, charitable donation)

Registration information can be added and edited at later sessions up to the limits set by the Notice of Race.

Crew will received an email invitation based on their being listed on the yacht's crew. This invitation will include their credentials to login. Each crew member must complete their own information and sign the waiver. Crew can see the data for the the yacht, team and awards but cannot modify that data. Crew can also make charitable donations as part of their registration.

When a registration is initiated the yacht is listed as Preliminary. After the registration fee is paid she is listed as Entered and after the registration information is completed and is reviewed by the acceptance committee she is Accepted. In the event the entry is not accepted, the entry fee will be returned promptly.

It is important that the yacht's rating certificate number be entered in the Registration system (Yacht Page) as soon as you know it. The Cetificate should be retained by the Skipper and brought to On-site Registration to resolve any questions. We obtain the final Marion Bermuda Ratings electronically from US Sailing.

A further step after a yacht/skipper is accepted is to arrange to have the yacht inspected. See the list of inspectors for contact details.