SpiritofBERJune22The ‘ Spirit of Bermuda’ continued its pace towards Bermuda after a challenging crossing of the Gulf Stream and a final exit accompanied by a squall, thunder and lighting early in the morning. The uniquely challenging sea state began to subside, giving passengers a chance to move about the vessel or sit on deck without getting drenched by waves crashing over the boat. The remainder of the night was marked by lighting flashes, and by our passing the US Naval Academy yacht ‘Defiance’ who are racing in the Founders Division, but whom the Spirit had in its sights for some of the night.

“To say the conditions have been challenging, we have to note that we have been sailing with a reefed mainsail, and no mizzen or forward jib,” said Jim Butterfield, president and CEO of Butterfield & Vallis who chartered the Spirit of Bermuda as a team building experience for his staff. “It is unusual for us to sail with such reduced sail area so this helps to explain how rough it has been.”


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