The Marion Bermuda Race requires that each yacht entering the race have a valid ORR Rating certificate from US Sailing. The process is different based upon whether you are renewing a past certificate or applying for a new one. 


For Partially Measured certificates, owners are allowed to declare a subset of the complete measurement, while other parameters are assigned by the rating office. Where input data is lacking, the rating office will apply estimates from sister-ship data that err to a faster rating. Sail Measurement Certificate must be provided and can be completed by your local sailmaker. Partially measured certificates provide the easiest access to an ORR certificate and are popularly used for distance races and race series.

The Marion Bermuda Race requires a "Partially Measured" certificate which uses data from a sister ship as the bases for your rating. This is a much easier process than a "Fully Measured" certificate. Renewal process will be open soon. You will receive a notice when it is available.

If you are applying for a rating certificate for the first time, the process is now open, just click on the link below to begin.  If you are renewing your ORR certificate, the portal to update your information will be open soon.  You will receive an announcement from US Sailing when it is available.

New Application:

US Sailing Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) Policy