Invited crew for the Marion Bermuda race must have received an email invitation initiated by the entered yacht's skipper, administrator or coach. This email establishes an account or reestablishes an account for crew from prior year's racing. Using your email address used in your invitation - login to the website. For those sailors from prior years if you have forgotten your password then use the "Lost Password" link to reset your password. Note that your initial username is your email. Your username and password can be edited to your likely once logged in.

Invited crew must complete their personal information (contact information and emergency contacts). As crew you must agree to the Release of Liability statement. You may examine the details about your team's yacht and the categories for awards but these can only be edited by the yacht's skipper(s), administrator or coach. Please as part of your entry consider a donation to support local sailing in Massachusetts and Bermuda. The donations can be indicated and paid as part entry process.