True Wind: 8 knots/SW
Sea State: 1-3 feet from the south


Wonderful day yesterday. Winds and sea moderating. Warming up. Loving full moon and bright Jupiter. Nik and I on dawn watch with Venus leading the way for the sun. Everyone is having a good time.

We expect to be singing sea chantries today in very light winds. Yesterday, Asahel (10) surprised Frank and me by reciting the whole poem, Jaberwalky, perfectly when Frank mentioned "gimbal."

Nik and I are watching a bank of clouds and what may be thunderheads ahead over what must be the major body of the Gulf Stream. We're all looking forward to getting to the Stream and beyond.

The sun just popped up at 5:08 and we were visited by a tern, our first sea bird since leaving the continental shelf. Asahel is joining us for the dawn petrol while the rest sleep.

Happy boat,

Jim, Nik, Asahel & Crew