Date Title
June 22, 2013 pdfWinners Shine at Marion Bermuda Prizegiving168.6 KB
June 20, 2013 Bermuda Sun’s Supplement
June 19, 2013 Big Boats Rousted - Smallest Entry Takes Top Prize
June 19, 2013 pdfThe Story Behind The Spirit Of Bermuda42.83 KB
June 19, 2013 pdfDispatch from Spirit of Bermuda - Day 642.83 KB
June 18, 2013 pdfDispatch from Spirit of Bermuda - Day 5196.33 KB
June 18, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - Shindig finds Joy and Sorrow171.67 KB
June 18, 2013 pdfDispatch from Spirit of Bermuda - Day 4181.67 KB
June 18, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - Shindig takes Line honors169.39 KB
June 17, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - Leaders struggle for Late Night Finish168.36 KB
June 16, 2013 pdfDispatch from Spirit of Bermuda - Day 1 to 4167.81 KB
June 16, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - Leader hits the Happy Valley333.19 KB
June 15, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - Bermuda- Shindig hits 250 in 2492.69 KB
June 14, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - Fast Start... The Race is On76.19 KB
June 13, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - How Long will the Wind Last?75.72 KB
June 12, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda - Departure Day-2364.65 KB
June 11, 2013 pdfCelestial Entry Hotspur II Looks for Clear Sky333.67 KB
June 7, 2013 pdfMatch broken for Spirit of Bermuda and Belle A’venture437.7 KB
May 20, 2013 pdfCome for Bermuda’s weeklong Summer Solstice Party398.21 KB
May 1, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda revises Preliminary NoR, issues SI’s263.57 KB
April 4, 2013 pdfMarion Bermuda entry discount ends on Tax Day231.6 KB
March 19, 2013 Walk-ons welcome for weekend pdfSafety at Sea Seminar249.96 KB
March 13, 2013 WindCheck - Sailing for the Northeast: George Twice Tougas pdfPromises Kept1 MB
March 3, 2013 pdfMake Marion Bermuda a Race to Family Fun.118.42 KB Plan ahead for yacht entry, inspection and crew needs and be sure to include your non-sailor friends and family for an activity filled vacation on the sunny isles of Bermuda.
Febuary 20, 2013 Marion Bermuda Race hosts Ocean Navigator’s Celestial Navigation Seminar pdfCelestial Navigation Seminar108.34 KB
January 21, 2013 What you can learn at a Safety at Sea seminar may save your best friend’s life. pdfSaving Your Best Friend’s Life with Safety at Sea367.26 KB
January 14, 2013 The Marion Bermuda Race provides an opportunity for cruising style yachts and amateur crews to sail a true ocean race: pdfGet your entries in for Marion Bermuda 2013: by Talbot Wilson75.91 KB
November 28, 2012 Exciting Changes Announced for 2013 Marion Bermuda Race: pdfVessel Size Limits, New Division, Symmetrical Spinnakers and Poles, Training/Classic Yacht Division321.48 KB
November 25, 2012 Marion Bermuda Race & West Marine Stores: pdfPrep for Offshore Racing & Cruising to Bermuda348.71 KB
November 3, 2012 Hillary Beach: pdfMeridian - A Family Affair750.91 KB
November 3, 2012 Richard Pinkowitz, Blue Water Sailing Club: pdfMarion Bermuda Race 2013 - Accomplishment not Glory77.56 KB
September 9, 2012 Southcoast Today, Barbara Veneri: Marion Bermuda race to be showcased at Newport boat show
June 22, 2012 Bermuda Sun, Marion Bermuda is not an easy race says Williams
June 10, 2012 pdfAmateur Ocean Races - not to be confused with “easy”89.69 KB
June 10, 2012 pdfNew Executive Director Announces 2013 Race Date for Marion Bermuda Race73.04 KB