First Overall EDELWEISS, A.J. Shatkin
First-to-Finish SLY MONGOOSE IV, J. Cochran
First-Shorthanded SILKIE, H.D. Marcus
First Family LEGEND, K.J. Carse
Navigator’s Trophy N. Nicholson
First, Class A SLY MONGOOSE IV, J. Cochran
First, Class B SILKIE, H.D. Marcus
First, Class C WHITE CAPS, H. Whim
First, Class D CAPER, J. Chaarnok
First, Class E EDELWEISS, A.J. Shatkin
First, Class F HARRIER, J. Bontecou
First, Class G WIZARD, J.E. McHutchinson Jr.
Corporation of Hamilton Trophy ASTEROID, A.E. Doughty
Adams Trophy WHITE CAPS, H. White
Naval Academy Trophy FOXY LADY, R. Fox
Commodores’ Cup KERAMOS, W.D. Kingery
Town of Marion Trophy TRANSIT, D.E. Bensley
Bermuda Longtail Trophy CURLEW, E.C. Brainard
Robert E. Bavier, Jr. Seamanship-Sportsman Award R.F. Bieben and crew of WINDBURN