First Overall SILKIE, H.D. Marcus
First-to-Finish SILKIE, H.D. Marcus
First-Shorthanded SILKIE, H.D. Marcus
Navigator’s Trophy H.D. Marcus
First, Class A INSURGENTE, U.S.N.A.
First, Class B SILKIE, H.D. Marcus
First, Class C FROLIC, U.S.N.A.
First, Class D ROBIN TOO, K.D. Empacher
First, Class E HOLLIMAR, R. Goldsmith
First, Class F DAWN PIPER, C.L. Steedman
First, Class G SIXPENCE, H.P. Bakewell, Jr.
Corporation of Hamilton Trophy ASTEROID, A.E. Doughty
Adams Trophy TIOGA, B.P. Noyes
Naval Academy Trophy INSURGENTE, U.S.N.A.
Commodores’ Cup ROBIN TOO, K.D. Empacher
Town of Marion Trophy BLUE PIDGEON, M.A. Gordan